Added Logistics Services

Door To Door

Door-to-door transport means full forwarding service, from the moment of receipt of the goods from the supplier to the moment of its delivery to the recipient, also including all necessary formalities.
The entire freight transport process is also very efficient. The freight forwarding company at the beginning receives the goods from the customer, and also deals with the whole loading process. At the moment when it is international transport, after reaching the destination, the forwarder also deals with formalities related to the clearance of goods.

Cargo Insurance

Your shipment will go through many hands before it reaches its final destination. We look forward to helping you secure your shipments and cover it against risks of loss or damage that might occur.
Phoenix Logistics offers customized insurance plans with reliable global companies based on policies by shipment and periodic policies over a specific period of time.

Project Logistics

For over 10 years Phoenix Logistics has been serving Project Cargo customers involved in various industries that include moves for:

  • Heavy lifts
  • Out of gauge
  • Oil and gas


Our qualified worldwide team can guarantee operational excellence and cost-effective programs for distributing your goods. Phoenix Logistics is branded in delivering innovative and flexible solutions that tallies with security and compliance norms promoting safety and professionalism.

Supply Chain

We can provide you with all kinds of products in the local and global market, with the best quality and best prices, and assist you in all logistic services, whether sea freight, air freight, internal transport, customs clearance work, and all required papers and documents.

Consolidation Cargo

We have the ability to carry out LCL shipments, whether issued from Egyptian ports to all ports of the world or received from any port in the world to Egyptian ports through our agents located all over the world, at the lowest prices, whether sea or air freight, as well as the lowest storage prices. For our long experience in this type of shipment.


  • Loading/stuffing and unloading of containers.
  • Pallet storage - long-term and short-term storage (including surplus and seasonal storage).
  • Packing, sorting and labeling.
  • Pre-flight inspections.
  • Import and export of ocean containers.
  • Consolidation and unconsolidation of air freight.

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